About Paul

Born in Michigan, Paul began photographing the world while in high school.  He took this passion with him to Rochester Institute of Technology. In 1989, Paul graduated from RIT, with

a BFA in commercial photography. Upon graduation Paul moved to Chicago where he continued to work in photography, and eventually end up in the film business, as a visual effects camera operator.

In 1996 Paul and his wife Kim, moved west to Los Angeles to further his career as a visual effects camera operator. He landed a job “flying ships” on the TV show “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and was nominated for 3 Emmy Awards for his work on the show.

Over the years, Paul has worked on hundreds of commercials, as well as many TV shows, music videos and over 40 feature films including The Hobbit, The Hangover, several of The Twilight Saga movies, and many more. 

While in New Zealand, working on The Hobbit, Paul rekindled the fire for still photography when he found himself at the waters edge everyday. With such an incredible seascape to work with, Paul began photographing everyday that he possibly could. The results of those days are his portfolio, By the Water.

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